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Oddity on alphabet search feature
On the tune list page, tapping a letter in the alphabet at the side of the screen brings up a subordinate list of second letters to aid in a search, with further taps to show subsequent letters.  A very useful facility.   However, there’s a minor glitch - not a huge problem in the cosmic scheme of things, but an anomaly . . . 

If the second letter in the first item in the relevant section of the library is accented (such as Å or Ö, as occurs in some Swedish titles) then a similar non-accented letter (A or O) is not shown at all.  This limits the search function.  Example: Under ‘D’ in my library, the first title starts with ‘Då’.  On next tap, the subordinate list offers ‘Å’ but not ‘A’ – the second letter of the next 50 titles, so the tap-based search stops there.

This only seems to be an issue with subordinate (second-tap) alphabet lists.  The primary alphabet includes only conventional (English) letters, and the list of titles ignores accented letters in showing them in conventional alphabetical order: thus ‘Gander’ is followed by ‘Gärdebylåten’ and ‘Garden’.  Would it be simplest if the subordinate lists did the same?   Linguistically incorrect, perhaps, but a simple expedient?  It obviously wouldn’t be sensible to offer every possible accented letter in all languages using Roman script, especially where the originating language puts them in a different order.
Thank you for reporting this. I'll look into it and see what I can do to fix it. I'll have to generate a list of songs with various titles to test this (unless you have a setlist or library backup you can share with me that demonstrates the problem).

Thanks, Mike.  I could send you a copy of my library backup but can't see how to add it as an attachment to this reply.  Could you advise?   Alternatively, the material is listed at: http://www.rudemex.co.uk/library.html but not as .msb files.
Actually, disregard the link to the website in the last posting:  I realise we've removed accents where they interfere with conventional English alphabetical order.  But if you could let me know how to share  the .msb backup . . . .
If you can share it through Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or another cloud sharing service and email a link to the shared file to mike@zubersoft.com, I would greatly appreciate it. That will make the testing much easier.


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