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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
When creating a new layer, you will see a checkbox that says, "Create layer on all pages of current song". If you check that, it will create the same layer for all pages and will make that layer the active layer. If you create a single layer, it's not going to try to select that layer for all pages, as there is no guarantee that layer even exists for other pages (they can all be named different things). If you want me to add a feature where it keeps the active layer synchronized across all pages (i.e. if you switch to layer 2 on the first page, it switches to the second layer on all other pages), I can do that, but I'll probably set it up to be name-based, not index-based, so that the same named layer will be active for all pages regardless of what position it is on that page. If a page doesn't have a layer with the same name, then the active layer for that page will not be changed.

As far as page switching, I purposely made things as unobstrusive as possible to avoid hiding content while users are annotating. You can use the command bar to switch pages as well, and if you show the command bar, it hides the bar at the bottom left (as there is no point in showing both at the same time). If the existing UI buttons are too small, do you want me to just to enlarge the buttons at the bottom left? Or are you wanting a completely different UI design where I do something like add Left/Right arrows either at the bottom-right corners or on the sides? Or perhaps at the bottom middle offset from center a little, similar to how it is in the cropping editor? Also don't forget that you can still use a bluetooth pedal to turn pages while in the annotations editor. If you use the vertical scrolling display mode, you can still scroll pages while in the annotation mode. If you have a smart stylus, that means you can just scroll the pages with your finger. If you don't, you can enable panning mode and then scroll the pages. So this is another option instead of just using the buttons. 


Looking over the radial menu, I see that the "More" section has two open slots. I could add previous page/next page slices to that section. Those would be easy to click and would eliminate the need to add larger buttons at the bottom which I'm worried may be too obtrusive for some users (especially those that turn pages with a pedal and would have no need for those buttons). You can collapse the radial menu when not using it or leave it in a corner. Thoughts?

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