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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
I'm also seeing frequent crashes when erasing (I've seen it at least with drag across and box modes), but I've had crashes placing stamps and some other operations too.

I'm seeing some strange behaviour with the copy/cut tool. I can paste the copied part of the score, but the quality is somewhat worse than the original (not a big deal, but noticeable). But I can't select or delete the copied piece. I can select the white square blocks the original cut area.

Regarding the selection tool, it seems that when selecting lines or highlights, it will select all lines drawn when the pen tool was selected, not just a single stroke. This is ok sometimes, since maybe I wrote a word that I don't want to select one stroke at a time. But in other cases, I made multiple lines in many different parts of the sheet and don't want to move all of them together. Is there a way to individually select a stroke?

As requested, I tried exporting the score that's not loading, but it just says "Generating file, please wait..." indefinitely, until I cancel. I tried running the 'Find Missing Files' operation, and indeed it was missing. It's looking for it in the root of LocalState, where there is a 0kb file with the given name, but the actual pdf is stored in a subdirectory.

The library problems might not be related to the new build, though, since I had a lot of problems with this when I first set up my library months ago. I specified to create subdirectories for files, but sometimes some weren't created, or were created in folders that didn't match the file names. I still have issues backing up and restoring, where the locations of the files in the backup isn't the same as in my LocalState folder. I can put this aside for now if we'd rather focus on annotation testing.

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