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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
MartinH - If you using the snipping tool, that is going to copy an image from part of the page and insert that image into the underlying PDF itself. The reason it does this is because MobileSheetsPro can't store image data in the database (it would require too much space), so it relies on the PDF to store the image. If you want to be able to edit the image after pasting it, you have to go to the Settings popup and enable the option to edit embedded PDF annotations. Just be aware that this raises the complexity of what MobileSheetsPro has to do, as it has to convert the PDF annotations into MobileSheetsPro annotations (in a sense) so they can be managed in the editor. This can also result in slower saving, as the PDF has to be updated if any embedded annotation is modified. As far as the lower quality, I noticed that too - as far as I can tell, it's due to limitations with the PDF library I'm using. When I give it a high quality image and ask it to insert it into the PDF, it seems to lower the quality of the image. There really doesn't seem to be much I can do about it. I should mention that the same code on Android works much better (using the Android PDF library from the same company). I may have to bring this issue up with them to see if they can improve the Windows 10 implementation.

As far as your question about the selection tool, freeform annotations are combined when drawing (if the active tool is not switched) in order to make them easier to manage and to improve performance. If you don't like this, go to the Settings popup and uncheck the option to combine freeform annotations. Then you can select and modify individual strokes. If the freeform annotation is combined, I don't store the individual strokes - it's all one continuous section of data and rendered as one path.

As far as the file issue, it's definitely not good that it just displays "Generating file, please wait..." indefinitely with a 0kb file. I'll have to look into that. For now, let's focus on the annotations changes.

Cmart - Yes, an option like that should work. You can always add your own stamps (either image files or svg). If you can find a vector graphics file (svg) with the five lines of a staff, that should work well, as you can scale it up or down as needed without a loss in quality. Otherwise an image file will suffice.


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