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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
The pen tool is now only for creating freeform annotations as that is what the majority of users will need. If you want to create a white rectangle, you have two options - either use the highlighter tool, or go to the shapes and select "Rectangle" and then set it as white. If you look at the toolbar at the top, line is the default shape tool, but you can tap that to display the settings and switch to rectangle and then set it with a white fill. Then all you would need to do is switch between the pen tool and that. Don't forget that you can add the white rectangle to the favorites which are accessible both through the favorites dropdown/popup (if you click the arrow on the radial menu for favorites or long press it) or on the command bar. So there are lots of ways to get quick access to the tools you regularly use the most. I don't plan on adding a drawing mode to the pen tool, as it's more intuitive for new users to look for that under shapes (in my opinion).

I do plan on adding something to help users who want to be able to change the storage location without having to move the files - I just need to make sure I handle it appropriately and provide sufficient warnings to the user before doing that. This change is still present in my bug tracking system - I've just been trying to get all these annotations done first.

As far as adding additional types of staves - yes, I can certainly modify my current SVG files to give users those options. This just requires a lot of additional code and UI options to switch between them along with changes to the database to track the different kind of staff being used. If this turns out to be really important to users, then I can work on making those changes sooner. Right now, I really would like to focus on getting the current functionality ready for release so that users can start benefitting from the new design and other changes sooner. Users can always add their own svg files as custom stamps to solve this issue sooner.


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