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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
After more testing, here are some bugs/observations (hope it's not too much at once):

When the delete tool is in the "draw box" mode, I have to draw a box that's much bigger than the annotation to delete it.

I'm seeing some strange behaviour with the stylus buttons. Just to note, I have a Renaisser Raphael 520 stylus with two buttons. In Windows, the first button switches to delete in most drawing apps, similar to the back end of a Surface stylus, and the second button switches to right-click (and Windows draws a small circle around the pointer when this is pressed). 

In MSP, the first button switches to delete mode (whichever mode is currently activated), which I guess is correct. The second one seems to be determined by the Stylus Button Tool setting, but this causes some strange behaviour. 
- Before making any changes to this setting, the button operated as a right-click
- Now that I've made changes, there's no option for me to go back operating as a right-click
- When 'none' is selected, pressing the button still makes the stylus act as if no button is pressed, but I still see the circle that windows draws indicating right-click. This only happens if I press the button before approaching the screen, and goes away after I tap the screen.
- In select mode, it doesn't work at all. It draws the selection box (or highlights the object when you tap), but nothing stays selected when you lift the stylus.

I'm seeing some strange behaviour with favourites too. 
- When adding a pen, highlighter, shape (maybe others) as a favourite, it's always saved as 100% opacity. 
- I also sometimes see the opacity change when I use the tools after this, though I haven't figured out exactly when.

If I draw a stroke with the highlighter, then delete it, then undo the delete, the stroke becomes messed up, as if it's a filled shape rather than a stroke.

Finally, two suggestions:
- It would be nice to see the 'favorite' tools right in the radial menu. It would be more consistent with the rest of the menu: clicking the arrows on the outside ring usually loads another set of buttons into the radial menu, so an equivalent for favorites would be to show the 8 first favorite tools right in the radial menu, while clicking on the item inside the ring would pop out the square box. If the favorite tools were in the radial menu, you could then use the same interface to edit the tools without having to delete and re-favorite them.
- It would be nice to have a Stylus Button Tool setting for undo. This is probably the button I use the most, and mapping that to a stylus button would be nice. There are some stylus utilities that remap a button to ctrl-z, so it's a common feature.

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