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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
Cmart - I'm glad you are checking that, because one of the main things I wanted users to identify is issues with their existing annotations after updating. If you are restoring a windows backup, in theory it should look identical other than text annotations. So if you are seeing issues/differences, then that's something I need to investigate. Is there any chance you can share the library backup file with me at mike@zubersoft.com? You'd have to share a link through the cloud. If that's not possible, I understand, but then I'd like you to at least export one of the songs you've been working with from the old version as a .msf so I can test importing that into the new version. Let me know if either is possible.

As far as sizing - the sizing in the old version is inherently incompatible with the way things are sized in the new version due to how scaling worked with the old approach. I didn't size things in the old version based on the unscaled document page - I actually scaled it based on the difference between the amount the page was scaled when the annotation was first created compared with the scaling of the page at the time the annotation is drawn (i.e. if the device scaled up the page by 150% to fit the screen, and then you load that song on a device with a larger screen and it scaled up the page by 200%, the annotations would be scaled by 2/1.5 = ~1.33). I know this will create some headaches for users who are transitioning to the new version, but there really isn't a good way for me to handle combining the old approach with the new. Having said that, you shouldn't have to make any changes to existing annotations to get them to show up the same as they did with the old version. My goal is to have existing annotations still render exactly like they used to.


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