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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
I have tested the beta a lot more this week and found some new bugs.

It´s overall very stable but I noticed some things:

Maybe you are redesigning the hairpins but as it is now the diminuendo hairpin doesn´t start where you put the stylus. You drag from the wide part of the initial hairpin making the end become slightly to the right of the start point.

If you have old annotations from previous version and delete them and then hit undo to restore the old annotation the program crashes.

I have stylus mode enabled and auto close after 5 seconds. However if I am in annotation mode and press the screen with finger(sometimes you do this by accident) the auto close doesn't work.

In the annotation menu the icons for "line" are blurry. All other icons are sharp. All the icons in radial menu are blurry but text is sharp.

I have a custom svg I added as user stamp. The small icon in stamp menu shows fine, however if I add it to favourites the icon shows a ring with an exclamation mark. I also have trouble figuring out how to create working vector graphics. I make them in Inkscape and some work just fine and some just crashes the program when importing.

After using "find missing files" in options there is no back button or arrow, I have to bring down windows menu to get back or close program.


How about being able to pin the favourite menu? Maybe you could customize your own top menu for you needs or have an extra row below. Drawboard pdf has an horizontal row with favourites on either side for example. For me personally I would prefer having a customizable top menu or an extra row below top menu. As it is now you have to select favourites then press favourite the press to close and then use your favourite. That is four clicks. A pinned favourite menu would reduce this to two clicks. Very handy if you use a lot of different annotations.
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