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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
More issues:

- Based on Cmart's suggestion about lack of resolution in the pen when zooming in, I tried zooming in before entering annotation mode. It does seem to affect the resolution of the pen, as well as the thickness. While this helps me work around the rough-looking pen drawing, it seems a bit odd that my line thicknesses end up different depending on the zoom level when I started annotating.

- It seems Box eraser causes some strange behaviour. If I draw a rectangle with line and fill, then erase it with the box eraser, it only erases the line, not the fill. If I then erase with the Tap eraser, it removes the fill, but doesn't highlight correctly while it's doing it.

- If I draw arrors or hairpins, then delete them with the box eraser, they disappear, but don't seem to be really deleted. If I shut down the app and restart it, they reappear. Or before restarting, I drag over where they used to be with the Tap eraser, a highlight appears, and it seems they're really deleted.

- I saw my previously-reported problem about delete highlighting becoming very large while playing with the Box and Tap erasers. I still don't have a reliable reproduction procedure, but it seems related to this. A general process seems to be: draw a box; delete with the box eraser; delete the remaining fill with the tap eraser; do this multiple times; then draw another box and delete with the tap eraser.

- The stamp tool is pretty slow to open. Clicking to select the tool is quick, but clicking again to open the palette of symbols takes about 2 seconds the first time I use it. I'm using a Surface Go 2 with an m3 processor, so it's not exactly a powerhouse, but it's pretty noticeable.

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