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Bug on saving a filter on "difficulty" category
I am using MobileSheets under Windows 10
I want to assign "difficulties" to the songs of my repertoire using 1 thru 6 of the 1-15 offered categories. 
When :
- selecting e.g. a difficulty = 1 as current filter and save this filter under name "x" 
- clearing all current filter setting
- reloading the filter "x" 
Then: I  find a complete different difficulty selected, always at a higher number !?
- Similar with more than 1 difficulty selected and saved.
Could this be a bug ?
There are two bugs present here:

1) When selecting a difficulty, saving it, and then loading it again later, a difficulty that is 2 higher than what was selected is shown
2) Loading saved filters with rating or difficulty will not actually apply the rating or difficulty when filtering

I have fixes in place for both issues that will be included with the next update.


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