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Starting metronome, scrolling and audio in sync
(09-05-2020, 02:59 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: Hello Efix,

You can enable "Auto-start" for the metronome, "Start Scrolling When Song Loads" for the automatic scrolling and "Automatically play audio when song is loaded". These will all be processed serially, so it's possible they will not all be perfectly synchronized. One thing I've considered adding is an option to synchronize all three such that the audio and metronome won't start until the automatic scrolling starts (after the "Time Before Scrolling Starts" is reached). I think the issue right now is users may have 5 seconds before scrolling starts, for example, but the audio and metronome will start immediately. So I think that's the main issue I need to address. Let me know your thoughts on this.


ok, but it all starts when the song is loaded, that is when I start the song from the list with a touch (or with a click), and if I'm not in mistake always when I change the song with a swipe or with the pedals (or in any other way, loading the song).
Well, for my two cents, personally, I would prefer to open the song, see the first lines of text to sing or whatever I wrote in the first lines of the song with a {comment:} to remind me for example when I have to start, just after mentally enter the song and give the start, with a touch or with a pedal or in another way (at least metronome and shifting).

In the hypothesis of an improvement, in addition to the waiting time of the scroll, perhaps we must also take into account the precount of the metronome

Hope to be of help, thanks Mike :-)

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