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Starting metronome, scrolling and audio in sync
(09-05-2020, 06:37 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I may need to think of some other options for how to trigger everything all at once. While I could add a single touch/pedal/smart button action to trigger scrolling audio playback and the metronome all at once, that might be too limiting, as some songs may have audio but no metronome settings or vice versa. Or some users may want to trigger the metronome and audio at the same time but don't want to start automatic scrolling. Perhaps what I should do is make a more open ended action that is capable of triggering multiple things at once including:

1) Automatic scrolling
2) Metronome Playback
3) Audio playback
4) Sending the configured MIDI commands in the song (so that Send on Load doesn't have to be used).


Hi Mike,

Point 4 can be useful to start light games or sequencers, all synchronized .. nice ;-)

Perhaps, you could create a 'general trigger event' that you can assign to a touch and / or pedal, then inside the metronome configuration, auto-scroll, player and whatever else might be useful, along with "Start When Song Loads" add the possibility to start / stop with this new 'general trigger event' ..

My English is a lot of water :-) I hope I was helpful Mike ;-)

Thank You

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