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import resolution.
The PDF libraries I'm using typically generate very high quality images (at least in my testing), although I usually work with 300 dpi files, as 600 dpi files generate very large files with very high resolution images that take longer to load and render. I'm curious - if you load a 300 DPI file, do you notice the same drop in quality? Or does it only happen with 600 dpi files? I'm wondering if the algorithm the PDF libraries are using (or something in my code that is dealing with the rendered image) is creating a drop in quality while downsampling that doesn't appear when scaling the image up to fit the screen. If you can send one of those PDFs to mike@zubersoft.com, I'll be happy to take a look at it on my tablets to see if I can reproduce the same issues you are seeing. I do convert all images to RGB565 in code to significantly reduce the amount of memory required to buffer each image. I can look to see if this conversion is somehow impacting the image quality at 600 dpi. If so, I can offer a setting to control whether this color conversion occurs, but it will mean that MobileSheetsPro will use double the memory for every page that is rendered, which can cause of out of memory errors on some devices (particularly older ones). I may also have to provide a way to reduce the number of buffered pages for users that do encounter memory issues as a result of this.


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