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Dear all,

I'm new in this forum. I'm using MSP with my Yamaha Tyros4 and Genos. Some days ago I bought the new CME WIDI Master for bluetooth midi. Want to connect my Genos or Tyros4 via WIDI Master on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) with Android 10. The paring works between Tyros/Genos and Galaxy Tab. Menu says WIDI Master is paired. In MSP i have configured Bluetooth but midi data does not exchange. If I connect with MIDI USB there will be a message "connected with YAMAHA Music Corporation..." during MSP start. But with bluetooth no message appears.

Is there anyone having the same situation? What do you think, could this be a problem within MSP or is it an android problem? Or is there any error from my side?
Thanks for your answer.

Please try going to Settings->MIDI Settings->Configure MIDI Connections and switch from "Default" to "Google". Then select the input and output ports that show up. If nothing shows up, that's a bad sign and it means MobileSheetsPro can't detect any compatible MIDI devices over bluetooth. 

As a side note, MIDI over bluetooth on Android is not well supported. I managed to get it to work with a KORG microKEY Air while testing, but had no luck getting my older keyboard to connect over WiFi when using a MIDI to bluetooth adapter.

Hi Mike,

no it works! The trick is not to pair with androids bluetooth menu and not to pair with the bridging app MIDI-BLE. Just open MobileSheetsPro and configure Google bluetooth Midi. Then MobileSheetsPro searches the WIDI Master and connects to this automatically. After this I tried to open sheets via midi file from Tyros and it works.

Only one thing. If there is no activity for some time it seems that bluetooth midi goes to a sleep mode. Then the bluetooth midi doesn't work. I have to go in midi menu and doing the configuration new and then it works again. Do you know ist there a possibility to keep the connection awake?

It would be a great feature if it works. For a audience player it will be a great benefit to have less cables in the environment of the keyboard.

I'm not really sure what the best way is to handle that, but I could send a periodic command every so often to try and keep the connection active. I'm not sure what the best MIDI command is to send though. One thing you can do is add a MIDI command to your song to send the timing message, which is sent repeatedly non-stop. 

A status Mike for the keep-connection-problem. In android I disabled all power optimization settings for bluetooth midi and now the bluetooth connection is stable. I will do some more tests but it looks good!

A short hint: in the keyboard midi settings I disabled as much as possible not used transmit data. In some cases there is so much traffic that MobileSheets does not recognize the necessary data.

Excellent work! I'm glad you were able to find some settings you could adjust for that.

Hi Mike,
want to give you a new status. At the moment I have to settings.
Setting 1 is using androids MobileSheetsPro with Samsung Tab A and a Yamaha Tyros4 with midi control file to select lead sheet via Registration.
Settting 2 is using androids MobileSheetsPro with Samsung Tab A and a Yamaha Genos with Genos connection String in MSP to select lead sheet via Registration.

In the last weeks I did a stress test with round about 90 lead sheets.

Setting 1: you wrote to me to use Googles library. I had to filter Midi Output settings so that only controller events and prog change events will be send. Then everything runs stable. If I start APP MSP will recognise CME WIDI Master connects the adapter and will do an automatic pairing of the adapter. Connection stays stable in all tested sitatuations and it runs perfectly.

Setting 2: I connect Genos registry with MSP leadsheet via link symbol. SysEx data received in MSP and I saved them. But with Googles bluetooth midi library the link function doesn't work. If I push a registry nothing will happen in MSP. If I choose "Voreinstellung" and bluetooth midi then it works 90% of time. Sometimes I have to select the song twice in Genos so that MSP chooses the lead sheet. And if I use "Voreinstellung" the WIDI Master will not connect automatically at startup. I have to do several steps so that "Voreinstellung" gets a stable connection. Most of the time I had to go in Midi configuration menu and choose "Voreinstellung" again. Then MSP says "CME WIDI Master connected". Indeed the WIDI Master ist connected but not paired. So I have to disconnect WIDI Master in Androids bluetooth menu. Then I switch in MSP to USB (only to unload bluetooth) and then back to Bluetooth again. Then after connect WIDI Master a pairing offer appears. If I confirm two times ok then the connection runs like the above mentioned sentence.

What do you think, is it possible to get the link functionallity with Googles library, too? Could it be that Googles library has a problem with SysEx data? I checked the entries in MSP an the SysExes seem to be ok because with USB or "Voreinstellung" it works fine.

I'm really surprised that you weren't able to get the Genos link functionality working when using the Google MIDI library. The default bluetooth MIDI library works far less often for me. The Google MIDI library should work just fine with SysEx data, but I have to admit that I haven't tested that a lot over bluetooth. Bluetooth can't handle large data transfers very well, but a few short sys ex messages shouldn't be a problem. Does the Google MIDI library over bluetooth work for you with the Genos other than when using the link functionality? Or do you encounter errors with other messages as well?

I think I do not 100% understand your question. If I use "Voreinstellung" with bluetooth midi it works perfectly. I disabled as much as possible midi commands so that only the relevant sysexes will be transferred. And if I controlled it via the internal midi monitor only the relevant Sysex will be transferred. But MobileSheetsPro doesn't react if I use Googles library. With "Voreinstellung" it works perfectly.
got a Widi Master last week. The connection with MSPro via “Voereinstellung” does not work. A function is reached via "Google" after cumbersome settings, but the connection is not re-established when the device is switched on again. Does anyone have any idea how to get Widi Master to work satisfactorily? I am using an approx. 6 month old Tabled Samsung "Galaxy Tab S5e"
Greetings Achim!

habe letzte Woche einen Widi-Meister bekommen. Die Verbindung mit MSPro über die Voereinstellung funktioniert nicht. Eine Funktion wird nach umständlichen Einstellungen über "Google" erreicht, die Verbindung wird jedoch beim erneuten Einschalten des Gerätes nicht wiederhergestellt. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie man Widi Master dazu bringt, zufriedenstellend zu arbeiten? Ich benutze eine ca. 6 Monate altes Tabled Samsung "Galaxy Tab S5e"
Grüße Achim!

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