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Large tablet update??
Hi guys - I've just realised that I've been using mobilesheets on my Hanspree 13 for four years..

I've thought a couple of times that I really should have  a backup tablet as I rely on it so heavily.

So four years down the line what are my options? 

I'd say the things I have learnt is that outdoor performance in bright light with the hanspree is an issue, that my eyesight is not getting better so perhaps something with a native A4 (or similar) would be a better bet..

looking now there is there is the BOOX and the Padmu  - anyone used them ? 

I've got 1800+ songs in a variety of formats (PDF/JPG and txt) broken down into the 20 or so artists I work for with multiple set lists so I have to stay with Mobilesheets!!

I was thinking back to the first time I went digital, a run of shows, engaged at the very last minute (2 weeks to opening night) and working though how to go digital and learning the show.. Now I can't see how I worked it before!!!

TIA !!
I also used to use a Hannspree, then I moved on to a (similar) Nuvision 13.3 tablet.

When I was researching back up tablets (I wanted at least 32GB of storage and a bit newer OS), I was surprised there were not many inexpensive options (considering that we don't need huge amounts of power) in the 13.3 inch range.

I ended up picking up a refurbished RCA Pro 12 (no longer manufactured). It has better screen dimensions than the Hannspree/Nuvision, but its actually a smaller screen, so it is almost a wash in terms of usable screen real estate.

Actually, if you go bigger, you may have some more options. (Not sure)

I'll be watching this thread (mostly because I had researched this a lot). (I don't know much about the e-ink options).

Good luck!

Forget the Padmu ... way too expensive.
Using the Onyx Boox Max3.  Very happy with it.
Perfect in daylight and ok in the evening with the room light (same as reading a book).  Yes, I wish  it had frontlight to use in dark rooms like in a gig setting but there's now the Lumi model that covers that aspect.
Unfortunately the Max 3 Lumi showed up in the market a few weeks after I bought my Max 3 (feeling betrayed).  I'm thinking in selling and upgrading but the market for used expensive paper tablets is very small and so far I had no luck.
Regardless, these tablets are both awesome.
I look forward to Mobilesheets next upgrade that hopefully will fix a few very minor kinks on the e-ink version.
Onyx Boox Max Lumi 13.3 -Android 10
Samsung Note Pro 12.2 -Android 5.1.1
Home made BT pedal
Victoria, BC, Canada - PST (UTC-8)
I use a Samsung Chromebook Plus v1. You can't get this model any more, but it works great for me. It is about the size of a sheet of paper and the screen is really sharp and clear. It is a "flip" model chromebook, so you can flip the keyboard around so that it acts like a tablet. So, I think that you should also consider a "flip" model chromebook.
I recently got the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. It's big, but looks amazing and runs like a champ. Haven't really put it through its paces yet on the road, but I think it work out fine.
I bought a few years ago a Trekstor Theator 13 Inch to try out digital sheet music. Now I can't imagine a life without it and I bought an 13 Inch Acer CP713 spin N18q2 chromebook, keeping my Trekstor Theator as back up. The Acer chromebook has a 3:2 screen ratio which is a big advantage as this is more close to normal music paper than the 16:9. I also tried the Microsoft Surface book, however that showed various issues with the display. The versions 2 and 3 are probably better.
I'm using the Acer now for half a year and I am really happy with it
(12-15-2020, 05:35 AM)Psychotronic Wrote: I recently got the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. It's big, but looks amazing and runs like a champ. Haven't really put it through its paces yet on the road, but I think it work out fine.

Psychotronic, any updates on how Mobile sheets is working on your new tablet?

I just acquired a used Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ in mint condition on eBay. Though discounted, it was still a hefty price. My Samsung Chromebook Pro has been a workhorse these past 3 years. I think the new Galaxy tablet will be a great upgrade for my music work.
I have only used it at home, as my work hasn't come back yet. But, so far, it's been fantastic. 

In the meantime, I now have Mobilesheets changing patches on my pedalboard via USB midi depending on the song that loads -- WOW, what a great feature that took minimal set-up.

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