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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
I'm happy to announce that version 3.0.0 of MobileSheets for Windows 10 and MobileSheetsPro for Android is now available. This update was in development for a long time, and I'm very grateful to all of the beta testers who helped provide feedback and bug reports. The majority of changes in this update are related to the new design for annotations, but a great deal of bugs have also been fixed in this release. An explanation of all the changes in the new annotations design will be posted on my website soon. At that time, I will include a link to that here. A brief list of changes in this update can be found below:

Common Changes:
  • Redesigned the annotations functionality to add many new tools and features, remove the separate editor screen and improve the workflow for quick editing.
  • Smart buttons can now be dragged into place both when creating and repositioning them
  • Replaced color selection dialog with a newer implementation that is easier to use
  • Fixed bug with the audio player panning where it wouldn't correctly show the current slider position when first loaded
  • MobileSheetsPro will now correctly adjust the page order to use the full range if a file is modified/replace outside the app and the full range of pages was previously specified
  • Added support for panning with a two finger scroll
  • "Connect Tablets" feature now uses the terms leader and follower
  • Updated PDF library for "Speed" render quality setting to fix rendering of some files
  • Fixed automatic scrolling issue that could cause scrolling to extend past the end of the last page of a song
  • Fixed bugs with adjusting loop points in the audio player
  • Added support for temporary zooming with the half page display mode. You must zoom fully out before changing pages.
  • Added database read optimizations to speed up queries with large libraries
  • Fixed issue with changing the number of blank pages in a song that would cause annotations, link points and bookmarks to be lost

MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 (Android)
  • Updated OneDrive integration to support business accounts
  • If trying to use "My Files" on ChromeOS as a storage location or output directory, a warning about it being read-only is now shown

MobileSheets v3.0.0 (Windows 10)
  • Switched to using Win2D to render files and annotations, which significantly reduces memory usage and provides better performance
  • Added support for drawing highlights behind the page content, which is now possible with the switch to Win2D
  • Fixed issues with error when logging into Dropbox about the browser needing to be upgraded.
  • Fixed bug when using the camera to take pictures on some devices that caused the camera to be listed as incompatible
  • Fixed the "Connect Tablets" and "Connect to PC" features so that they can correctly detect an active WiFi connection even if there is no internet connectivity
  • Fixed bug with importing PDF bookmarks to split up a large PDF
  • Fixed bug with the audio player panning where it wouldn't correctly show the current slider position when first loaded
  • Fixed crash with "Sync to Cloud Folder" feature where it would crash if a folder was selected and the screen was exited immediately after
  • Fixed various issues with exporting and printing

MobileSheetsPro Companion v3.0.5
  • Updated to support the new annotations design

I hope this update helps users create annotations faster with the improved workflow and provides an overall better experience. The new options should also result in higher quality annotations, especially when creating stamp annotations.

Wishing everyone a happy holidays,

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