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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
palosanto - I've fixed the layer window issue, but I can't reproduce the issue you've described with showing/hiding layers. If I turn the layer off, exit the annotations editor, go back into the editor and then turn it on, all of the annotations show just fine. This is on my Samsung Tab S4, so I'll test this again with the Boox Max 2 Pro as I'm guessing you are seeing this problem on your Lumi. Let me know if you are also seeing it on your Note Pro 12.2. 

tchowmusic - That message is expected if you haven't yet touched the stylus to the screen. It's there to let users know that they've enabled stylus mode in case they turned it on without realizing that it's stopping their input. I have fixed the issue with the three-finger tap though, so this won't be an issue once the next update is released.


UPDATE: Can't reproduce the issue on my Boox Max 2 Pro either, so I'll need additional information on how to reproduce it.

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