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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
(12-28-2020, 07:49 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: The edit bar is supposed to display either above the annotation or below it. The fact that it's rendering on top of the annotation sounds like a bug. Is this when selecting any kind of annotation? Or does this issue only happen when selecting certain kinds like stamps or text? I definitely have not observed that issue myself so I'll need to figure out how to reproduce it. The nudge window is similarly supposed to be placed below the edit bar, which is below the annotation, so there should be no overlap. The only exception is if the annotation is at the bottom of the screen, at which point the nudge window is forced to appear above the annotation. 

I am considering options for having the nudge window staying up, but I think it will be hidden when the selection tool is not active, as annotations can't be selected except when that tool is active, so it wouldn't make sense to show it otherwise. I'll have to also consider whether to add a separate setting in the settings window to keep the nudge tool visible, or just add some kind of toggle that can be activated when the nudge window is shown where it will just stay visible until dismissed. I do have to rework the nudge popup a little bit to have a title bar though so it can be moved and closed.


Rather than try to describe the behaviour in greater detail, I've recorded a 6 Mb screen capture video which shows exactly what happens.  It's a bit better than I remember (perhaps because I'm now on version 3.0.1?), but still not what I'm hoping to see.

The file is too large to upload here, so I put it on Google Drive:


In short, yes, the popup does land on top of every annotation type I've tried, including highlighting, freeform drawing, shape drawing, decrescendo, text and stamp.  Previously I'd only tried it on stamps and short text; on larger annotations the effect isn't as bad because at least part of the annotation can still be seen (for example, the highlight annotation in the uploaded video); on stamps and short text, the annotation is completely invisible.

The nudge tool is showing below the annotation bar, but it still overlaps small annotations, and often I need to move an annotation lower than where I originally placed it, so that doesn't help as much as it should.

It sounds like your proposed changes to the nudge tool are exactly what I'm hoping for.

Thank you!

     - Steven

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