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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
I've fixed the issue with the nudge tool appearing on top of annotations. I haven't had time to add an option to always show the nudge tool when selection mode is enabled - that's going to require further UI changes, additional settings, etc. So it will have to be in a different update.

arj14pe - I actually didn't change any code related to the MIDI for version 3.0.0, so I'm not sure why you would suddenly be encountering errors.

palosanto - I have some bug fixes coming for enabling/disabling touch input in stylus mode. If you disable touch input in stylus mode, the two and three finger taps will not work. This is because if that setting is off, the tablet OS will stop sending me touch input entirely. I can't process the touch input in that case because I no longer receive it. It's handled this way so that there is no way for touch input to interfere with the stylus input, as for many users, this was the only way to prevent accidental input. Having said that, there is a little "hack" of sorts to get around this. I keep the touch input enabled for the toolbar even if touch input is disabled with stylus mode. This is because Onyx gives me the ability to specify a region for which touch input continues to be enabled. So I just specify the region for the entire toolbar. If you use a two finger tap in the toolbar (to the right of all the icons) it will actually still work for switching the active tool.

Cerio - I've been implementing many fixes to try and address that. I'm hoping with the next update that it will be fixed. The problem is that, for some users, their installation is missing all of the stamp resources. Uninstalling/reinstalling is a known fix for this, but I'm trying to implement workarounds to download the missing resources if an internet connection is available. I'm not sure how some users ended up without those resources though, as they are included with the installer.

McAroni - That means your device is running out of memory. I have some minor changes coming in the next update to help with this, but I'm not sure if it will be enough to fix that depending on what is causing your device to consume all the memory.

pianistslogic - As mentioned in a separate thread, horizontal panning is not supported when using the vertical scrolling display mode. I'm going to address that at some point, but it requires some significant changes as that display mode was never intended to support horizontal panning. You can force the annotations editor to use the single page display mode (check the settings window) if zooming and panning horizontally is critical for you. As far as the pen sizes, all sizes are now relative to the raw PDF page. So a 2 pixel thick line is going to appear large when you zoom in, because it's relative to the page size. This is 100% intentional and is much better than using the screen as the basis for the pen size. Otherwise you end up with all sorts of scaling issues that were present with the previous design. I would constantly get contacted by users who would get confused why a pen with size 6 would look different depending on whether they were annotating in portrait or landscape orientation (due to the page size changing). Now the line will always look the correct size regardless of how the page is scaled, or what device is being used to add the annotations. 

DaniP - I know we've been communicating through email, but just so people don't think I'm ignoring your post, I have addressed almost all of the issues you've mentioned. 

Thanks everyone for the feedback and your patience while the issues are being fixed.


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