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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
(01-02-2021, 09:45 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: palosanto - There was a major problem in the previous version where enabling/disabling touch input in stylus mode wasn't actually enabling/disabling it unless you exited the editor and re-entered. So now that I've fixed that, touch input may be ignored now that wasn't previously. However, I need to review the logic when the panning tool is selected. The thing is, if touch input is completely disabled, even if the panning tool is selected, I can't process it. However, if you have enabled touch input and can't zoom/pan, then that's a bug and I need to investigate it and get it fixed. I'll also look into the other things you've reported, although I'm not entirely sure I know why those would be different in the e-ink version. Also, just to verify, are you using the vertical scrolling display mode? Horizontal scrolling is not currently supported for that mode (and hasn't been in the past). I will work on that for a future update. I'm definitely not sure why you would be seeing system freezes though, as I didn't change all that much. I'm still working with Onyx to get a fixed version of their library. This will all get ironed out soon - thanks for your patience. I will also get the nudge tool fixed on the e-ink version - thanks for letting me know about that.


I trust that you've also seen the video I sent you earlier this morning via PM?
Regarding the freezes, to be fair it happened only once so it might be unrelated.
I get what you say about touch being disabled.  However all my tests are always with touch disabled in stylus mode so if it's always disabled, how come, as I showed you in the video, touch still works with the pan tool selected in my Samsung and also with the 2 and 3 fingers assignments?  That's what doesn't makes sense to me but oddly enough that's the desired behavior and somehow works on my Samsung.

Resuming, I just tried again with the Onyx (e-ink 3.02) and: 
In view mode:
I'm using single page, not vertical scrolling mode and I can only pan up and down with one finger when viewing but using 2 fingers I just noticed that actually allows me to pan in all directions if I zoom a little first.  Also entering page overlay and using the pan tool I can also pan anywhere even with one finger.   That's all good although zoom/panning with fingers is more useful while annotating rather than viewing.

In annotation mode (touch disabled as I always have it
Since I can't zoom with the stylus obviously, If I zoom in view mode first and then enter annotation mode, I'm only able to pan up and down and only with the stylus .

But again, with my Samsung tablet, I can do everything with fingers and stylus in both view and annotation mode as shown in the video and hopefully you can manage to enable the same abilities in the e-ink version.

Onyx Boox Max Lumi 13.3 -Android 10
Dell Latittude 5290 2-in1 (Win 11)
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Victoria, BC, Canada - PST (UTC-8)

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