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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
I have verified the issues I reported, to see if they are resolved. This is what I have checked in my Huawei Media Pad T5 (Androd 8.0):

1 - Opacity number is now correctly sync with the selection bar, but the behavior it is not completely ok (See: "1b - Modifying Opacity.mp4")
2 - Ok, resolved
3 - It seems sligthly better but still doesn't show the text that is at the bottom ("3b - text not visible.mp4")
4, 5, 6 - Ok. resolved
7 - Not ok, Keeps the same
8 - Ok, resolved
9, 10 - Ok, resolved

As I see, 4 and 8 are corrected, but on the contrary I observe some weird things, probably related:

11 - Higher latency when placing stamps
It may seem a bit subjective, but I think it's a clear impression. I assume that now there will be more checks to  rule out a misinterpretation of the strokes, but maybe something is not quite right. (See '11 - Latency placing stamps.mp4' )

11b- Also, this latency is apparent also when changing from stamp mode to panning mode, with a two finger stroke. See: "11b - Latency from stamp to panning.mp4". It is not excessive, of course, but in general my perception is that the annotation mode is a bit slower now.

I think the same may be the reason for another problem: now it seems more frequent that the two fingers strokes is not recognized, and can be neccesary to repeat it serveral times.
12 - Possibly related to 11 and 11b and that slightly more slow recognition of the touch gestures: I observe that when I am in stamp mode and I want to exit the annotation mode with the three fingers stroke gesture, in more occassions (much more that in older versions) that gesture is not recognized. You can see in the video "12 -  3 fingers stroke in stamp mode.mp4" how it can ignore that gesture and put a stamp, or also two stamps at the same time.

Well, many things have been corrected although there are still a few to be polished. We are advancing Wink


(The videos are in the same folder, in my Google Drive storage: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1...sp=sharing)

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