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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
Mike, overall very pleased to see the new annotations interface! excellent work!

One serious bug I noticed, and I haven't seen it mentioned yet - the new annotation snipping copy/paste tool does not seem to work properly on either of my devices (Samsung Galaxy Book 12 running Windows 10 and Samsung Note20 Ultra running Android 11).

If I run the snip tool and paste, there is no way to change where the snipping ends up. As far as I can tell, the snipping is pasted permanently as undo does not work and select will not work to pick the snipped area. So you have to hope you get it right the first time or you are SOL. I do not see the snipping in the layers dialogue either.

Fortunately, I ran a backup of my files just before trying this new feature, otherwise I think I'd have permanently screwed something up. Maybe there is another way to undo these changes without a library restore, but I haven't found that option.

Additionally, I could not get the snipping tool to work at all on a larger file - when I hit "paste" it hung up the entire program and I had to force quit. This editing was attempted inside of a 2-page snipping from a 1000+ page book. This problem does not seem to affect smaller files.
SmarTab StreaMachine 13.3", Android 4.4.4
Samsung Galaxy Book 12, Windows 10
Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G, Android 11
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