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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
smw - I'm guessing the overlap issue might be due to annotations created with version 2.X unless you are also seeing that with version 3.X. I'm still not sure how to reproduce that yet but I'll keep looking for answers. The logic is set up so that MobileSheetsPro looks for the bottom most pixel of the rectangle that defines a bounding box around all selected annotations. So for some reason, it's determining that the bottom most pixel is directly over that annotation. So something is very off there. There is no setting that I can think of that would have any impact on this. If you can long press the song, tap Share->Export as .msf and send the .msf to mike@zubersoft.com, I can see if the problem is with the annotations in the song.

DaniP - I have no idea what was going on with the opacity slider in 1b. I can slide the value back and forth over and over without ever running into what you were showing there. The touch circle that shows where you are tapping in the video made it look like you were tapping all around the slider and not on it. As far as 3b, I'll continue looking into that, as it does seem there are some adjustments I can make to the page offset but I will say that the problem looks worse on your device, so this one may be device-dependent, and it may have something to do with either different OS versions or the keyboard in use. As a workaround, you can just scroll the page up with the panning tool before editing. With 7, I can't reproduce that at all on my Samsung Tab S4. I'll test on some other devices to see if I have more luck on them. The issues of latency with #11 and 12 are definitely device specific. I'm not seeing that in the slightest on my device, but I will repeat tests on my older model tablets to see if that might be part of the issue. Almost nothing changed between 3.0.0 and 3.0.2 that would impact performance with the Android version. Have you tried rebooting the device if it hasn't been rebooted lately?

Harry777 - What type of device are you using? Did you enable the setting to "Enable editing of embedded annnotations"? If so, that's going to have a performance impact because it has to re-render the page after entering or leaving the annotations editor. Similarly, if you save the annotations to the PDF itself, MobileSheets is going to have to save out the changes to the PDF and then re-render the page. This causes the saving dialog you mentioned. In general, it's advised to leave those settings off unless you absolutely need to have access to the PDF annotations or you need to have all annotations written to the file. As far as the black pages, after 3.0.2 is available (hopefully by tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest after Microsoft approves it), I would like to see if you are still seeing those. I am still working on identifying potential issues that can cause black pages. MobileSheets now uses Win2D for all rendering, which is using Direct2D for all drawing. It's possible this is not working well with your device depending on the hardware. Most of what you are describing so far sounds like there are some major performance issues with your device. How much RAM does it have? How large are the PDFs you are loading? It seems crazy to me that it's taking 8-10 seconds to save changes to a PDF, but I guess if the PDF is 200+ MB, that might be possible. I did not test with files of that size. As far as the zooming, it would be great if you can test that again with 3.0.2 as I recall making a lot of bug fixes while testing. 

As far as the last issue you reported, can you please try tapping the top left or top right corner when the annotations aren't showing after exiting the annotations editor? This skips to the previous or next layer, which will hide all of the annotations in the current layer. This is the only thing I can guess as to what might be happening, because I'm definitely not seeing any issues with annotations disappearing unless that action is triggered. If that is the issue and you don't plan to skip between annotation layers, you can turn those touch actions off under Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Touch Actions

schnautza - The snipping tool is embedded the annotation directly in the PDF. I did not test this with a PDF with 1000+ pages. It's possible the PDF library I'm using is either not handling writing out to a file that large very well, or there is some issue in my code with it taking a considerable amount of time. I'm not sure I even have a PDF that large, but I'll run some more tests with the largest PDFs I can find. As mentioned by others in the thread, you have to enable editing of embedded annotations if you want to move or modify the snippets, as they become part of the PDF itself. 

eichelbe - How large is the library you are synchronizing? How many songs are on each device? When you see "initializing database", MobileSheets is going through and populating the data for every song in the entire library. It has to retrieve all of the data from the database for every possible field as they will all be compared during the sync. This is equivalent to basically loading every song in your entire library in a setlist at once. So it can take a while for this to process, especially if you have thousands of songs. It's possible it's not hanging but just doing a lot of processing. I don't really have time for it now, but at some point I can look into providing progress as it's going through that for very large libraries. 

palosanto - I've seen that issue as well and it's related to Onyx's library. I've contacted them for support, and they were working with me, but they've gone silent for the last 4 days or so. If I update to the latest version of their library (onyxsdk-pen 1.1.4), then everything works great on my Boox Max 2 Pro, but it causes the application to freeze on the Onyx Boox Max 3. If I switch back to 1.1.3, then things mostly work, but there are some odd problems and you can't write at the bottom of the screen as you've described. I'm really stuck here, because the problems aren't in my code and I have no idea what I can do to work around issues in their library, because it's what enables the fast writing with the stylus. It's possible something I'm doing in my code is exacerbating some problem in their library, but without additional information, it's hard to guess at what that might be. Hopefully Onyx will get back to me with an updated library soon so that these issues can be resolved. As far as not being able to access the OS top pulldown menu - when the pen tool is selected and raw drawing is activated (as Onyx calls it), it disables the entire screen from refreshing except for what the stylus is touching. So even the OS menu can't be shown while that mode is active. Switching tools deactives that mode, so that is why you can access the OS menu with other tools. 


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