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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
(01-04-2021, 06:19 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: DaniP - I have no idea what was going on with the opacity slider in 1b. I can slide the value back and forth over and over without ever running into what you were showing there. The touch circle that shows where you are tapping in the video made it look like you were tapping all around the slider and not on it. As far as 3b, I'll continue looking into that, as it does seem there are some adjustments I can make to the page offset but I will say that the problem looks worse on your device, so this one may be device-dependent, and it may have something to do with either different OS versions or the keyboard in use. As a workaround, you can just scroll the page up with the panning tool before editing. With 7, I can't reproduce that at all on my Samsung Tab S4. I'll test on some other devices to see if I have more luck on them. The issues of latency with #11 and 12 are definitely device specific. I'm not seeing that in the slightest on my device, but I will repeat tests on my older model tablets to see if that might be part of the issue. Almost nothing changed between 3.0.0 and 3.0.2 that would impact performance with the Android version. Have you tried rebooting the device if it hasn't been rebooted lately?

Hello Mike, I have rebooted the device (although I do it frequently), but no difference.

1b: In relation to the opacity slider, it seems that the problem is the selection, with the finger, of the point in the slider, when my selection it is not exact. It is as if the selection had to be very accurate. Well, this is not important. I'll try to take care when using the sliders. Perhaps it is something specific of my device, although I din't notice something similar in older versions of MSP.

3b: Ok. At least it seems that in 3.0.2 is better, and knowing the issue, I'll try to avoid it (with panning, for example)

7: It is very strange that you can't reproduce the problem. Are you considering the video 7b? In my case the problem is extremely clear: when I *select/activate* the panning tool in annotation mode, from another tool, panning works perfect. The incorrect behaviour occurs when I enter in annotation mode **and panning tool is already active** (that is, when I leaved before the annotation with the pan tool selected). I hope to have explained it correctly. In the video I think it is very clear.

Issues of latency:
I was under the impression that it was slightly faster, that's the feeling I got when I started testing version 3.0.0 (or 3.0.1). But it could have been an error of my perception. Anyway, in general it goes very well, that latency is very subtle, and only in certain cases.

12: I still believe that this is a bug. But look at the new video I have uploaded, which I think is more clear now ("12b -  3 strokes in stamp mode.mp4") as the problem seems to occur only when the three finger stroke is done spanning two pages.  Instead of exiting annotation mode, it is placing two stamps.
While you identify it or not, I'll be careful to get out of edit mode by doing that gesture over one only page.


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