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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
Thanks DaniP - I'll look at those issues again with the new information.

smw - I received your file but am currently unable to reproduce the issue still. I'd like to have you test something - can you turn off the option to "Always Show the Title Bar" in the settings and then enter the annotations editor and see if the problem goes away? I have a theory that it's somehow related to that as it shifts the page down in the annotations mode, and the offset for where the edit bar should be is about the size of the toolbar at the top. I turned that setting on, but still could not reproduce the problem, but I'm not sure if that has something to do with fixes in 3.0.2 or if the problem still exists but there is a setting I haven't adjusted yet.

Harry777 - If the problem had to do with saving to the PDF, it's possible there is a bug there with the page not re-rendering with the annotations after they've been written to the file. I'll have to look into that some more. I'll continue to look for ways to optimize the application, but it would be great if you can try loading a small PDF (3-5 pages let's say), and see if the same performance issues are present when loading that. 


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