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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
Hi Mike,

Congratulations on the new release, the new annotation mode looks very promising and will probably be a big improvement. I love the new radial menu, seems to work quite nicely and looks great. I also think adding options to select what two- and three-finger taps do in the quick settings menu is a great choice, allowing people to figure out the two-finger tap to switch to panning more easily. And of course the vector images for stamps are a great improvement, and you even added custom stamp support!

I actually wrote a blog post on using an Android tablet for sheet music last year where I tested different apps and ended up recommending yours. I forgot to share it with you, so I'll do that here: https://bammerlaan.nl/posts/Android-tabl...l-musician.

I also wrote a post about how to use your app and some tips for it in Dutch, here: https://bammerlaan.nl/posts/Mobilesheets-voor-bladmuziek-op-Android-tablet. Guess I'll have to write an update for it with the new version at some point, though!

I have some feedback for the new version, though. Just my opinions, do with it what you will:
  1. The new icon for the selection tool is less intuitive for me. A regular cursor like it was before seems more universal.
  2. Speaking of icons, I always confuse the icon for going to annotation mode and the icon for going to the meta-information editor on the top-left of the screen in the sheetmusic overlay. Don't know if that's something you would want to change, but I just can't remember the different functions of a pencil and a brush in this context
  3. I guess you'll probably get around to this eventually anyway, as it does work as expected with the top bar in annotation mode, but: having toast pop-ups explaining what each button does when long-pressing it would be nice. The new Command Bar could still use these, for instance.
  4. Adding an entire piano staff (so two staves with clefs already added) is not very useful to me, not playing the piano. Much more universally useful would be to have a single staff, without any bar lines or clefs or anything already added.
  5. I read about the resizing function of the piano staff by keeping it pressed for a second without moving. Very useful! I don't think I would've figured that out without reading the manual, though. Perhaps this could also be elucidated with a toast popup message, or a first-time-use message or something?
  6. When resizing the piano staff using the selection tool, the lower handle works as expected (i.e. dragging down makes the staff larger, dragging up makes it smaller), but the upper handle just copies the behaviour of the lower handle. I think it would be more intuitive to mirror the behaviour, so dragging up would then make the staff bigger.
Also I found the same bug DaniP writes about above (#7), where entering annotation mode while the panning tool is still active makes it misbehave.

I also found your post about horizontal panning not working in verticalling scrolling display mode. I used this quite a lot however, when I zoomed in in annotation mode and then wanted to move to the edge of the paper. I think in the previous versions, annotation mode switched to single page viewing mode to solve this? I wouldn't mind going back to that, as vertical scrolling is less of a necessity when annotating anyway.

I noticed that I can move to the edge of the paper by moving my fingers while zooming, though, so I think that will be enough to solve this. I'll just have to change my workflow a bit.

Also, I'm still hoping that you'll one day add a simple single-octave piano pop-up to Mobilesheets, but until that time I'd like to show off a workaround I managed to work out: using Tasker, I can now double press my tablet's power-off button to open Android's split-screen mode with TonalEnergy Tuner (see attached screenshot). A pop-up would've been nicer, but I can't get Tasker to play ball with that. Oh well.


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