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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
daniel - I could certainly give users the ability to control how many pixels there are between each line, but that would mean changing the implementation so that in determining the starting point for each line, I have to measure the height of the previous line and then add the configured line spacing value. That seems like it would be overkill in general unless I get a lot of people that need that level of control. It would also mean that you could get lines that look staggered/inconsistent, as some lines might be taller than others depending on what characters are present in the line. I think just using a fixed line height value so that you get consistent spacing and appearance is probably fine, I just need to calculate this line height a little differently based on the font metrics.

aleksiandrej - I believe you can already do that. Make sure you name all of the layers identically that you want controlled at the same time. Then tap the link icon in the layers window. This will link both the layer visibility and the active layer selection so that if you hide layer 1 on one page, it will hide that layer on all pages. 


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