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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
(01-07-2021, 07:57 AM)meszian88 Wrote: It used to work perfectly though. I put in a fingering, the nudge tool is ready to move it immediately in place, 3 second task, done. now im looking at an extra 4-5 seconds for every single fingering, which over the course of my 5 hours a day practicing is going to get annoying, fast. Im just wondering if i can not just go back to the old build that worked perfectly for what i needed it to do.

Alternatively just a mode that operates the same way, when i have entered my number in the text box and clicked out, the nudge tool is ready waiting for me immediately, instead of inside multiple menu options.

I have the same 'problem'. Putting in fingerings takes a lot more actions. I was very much used to being able to put in an annotation and then correcting its values like color or line thickness. Now, to do that I first have to select the annotation, which seems unpractical. If there is a way to immediately keep the annotation editable I would be glad.

Apart from that I sometimes have issues with pages staying black when I am in half-page reading, which I do a lot. The strange thing is that when I switch to whole page reading there is no problem, and even switching back again to half-page the problem is gone. I have not yet figured out exactly when the problem occurs. When I know more I'll get back to it (if necessary).

But in general there are huge improvements, for which I wish to say thanks!

Rein de Vries
(Versions: Windows 10 (v.2004) MobileSheets 3.0.2)
2 HP Pro x2 G612 tablets - often used in linked mode - with pen
Windows 11 pro
Airturn Ped / Custom double foot pedal USB

Before that: Hannspree Titan2 / Acer Switch 3

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