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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
Harry777 - There is no way for me to watch the eraser button - Microsoft did not provide a way for developers to monitor that button at all.

Defreeze - I'll be adding an option to automatically select annotations after they are created. So if you prefer to work that way, you'll have that option with the next update. I'm not going to apply this to freeform annotations (i.e. the pen and highlighter tools) though. The reason is that, if I selected the freeform annotation after the user lifts their finger or stylus, then they wouldn't be able to write words or make any drawings that require more than one stroke. It doesn't make sense in my mind to select those annotations after their creation. It's so much faster just to hit undo, update the settings and redraw than it is to edit an existing annotation. Additionally, you should be making use of favorites to quickly switch between tool settings if you aren't currently doing so. I'm not going back to the old model where the settings are applied not only to the next thing you create, but anything you currently have selected, because that is not intuitive and it causes users to accidentally modify existing annotations (I received MANY emails about that). Most people draw something with a red pen, then switch to a black pen, for example, and continue writing. They don't expect that when they switch to a black pen, that what they just drew turns red. 

I have fixes coming for the black page issue. If you load the application and don't annotate, you shouldn't see any black pages. Unfortunately, the bug rears its ugly head if you enter the annotation editor and either turn pages or zoom, or pages are still being loaded in the background while the annotations mode is entered. It took me a while to figure out the root cause for this issue, so I apologize to everyone that this wasn't caught sooner.


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