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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
Minor note - I have fixed some of the code related to writing while zoomed in, so it should feel much more accurate with the next update. If you switch the smoothing mode for the pen to "None" or "Minor" it will improve the responsiveness without those undesired "shortcuts". If you don't zoom in the maximum amount (leave it at about 80%), it will also work much better. After the next update, these limitations will go away. There are benefits to using the "Moderate" smoothing, as fewer points will need to be stored in the database to render the drawings and the annotations will render faster (if there are a lot on the page, it will help the application run smoother).

If you are using the text annotation tool, don't forget that you can tap an existing text annotation to edit it, then use the text dropdown to change the settings or use the radial menu to change the settings. This will update the text annotation that is currently being edited. So you don't have to select the text annotation to edit it (this only applies to the text tool though).


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