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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
(01-15-2021, 05:05 AM)palosanto Wrote:
(01-15-2021, 12:33 AM)Javier MM Wrote: Could someone explain how to modify an existing text?


Don't use the select tool to edit the text itself, just use the text tool and click on the text to edit.

(01-15-2021, 07:36 AM)jeffn1 Wrote:
(01-15-2021, 06:00 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: Javier MM - Are you using the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets or the Android version? If you are using the Android version and you purchased through Google Play, I can have you test the latest build to see if it resolves the issues you are having with modifying existing text annotations. In general, all you should need to to is select the text tool, tap on an existing text annotation, and you should be able to modify the text.



For what its worth, I think it looks/operates a bit different than the prior version.  I think you no longer see the border of annotation box you are working on.  But, I think the cursor default is the end of the annotation text (from the earlier version).  I think I was a bit confused at first when I tried to modify an old annotation.  There is a bit to get used to.

Thank you, Mikepalosanto and jeffn1 for your feedback on the text modification.

After some tests, I think I understand more or less what happens. I am using a Samsung Pro 12.2 running Android and have downloaded the new MS version from Amazon.

When I use the Text tool and tap on the text I want to modify, I should see the text itself without frame at the same position but with the pointer. 

For some reason, the text to be edited moves to one side when I click on it.   Sometimes I can still see it (if it is on the screen) and sometime it is outside of the screen or below the keyboard. It is not that the text has moved; it is just that it is visualized at a different location. If I zoom in with two fingers after having selected the text, it will remain at the same position of the screen, that is no longer at the same position of the score. The same happens if I click on the text  and move the score. The text will remain at the same position of the screen but it is no longer at the same position on the score.

In fact the text has not moved at all. It is just that it appears at a different position while editing. If I click somewhere else (and leave the edition mode) the text will appear again at its previous position.

The funny thing is that some anotations move a lot when I click on them and some remain more or less at the same place. If I want to edit one text that is for instance on the top left corner, it may disappear (I cannot see it while editing). I can then rotate the tablet, hide the keyboard and find the text at the bottom right corner.

I have checked that the text moves to different places depending on the zoom level you have. I have tried it right now on one anotation. With the minimum level of zoom, I click and the text moves two staffs down. With a medium zoom, it moves up a bit. With the maximum level of zoom, I am unable to find it on the screen.

In some cases (a simple anotation where I change a "2" by a "3") I can use the delete button and write the new text. If I have a text box with three figures and I want to change  "1 3___    2" by   "1 2___ 3", this is just impossible. If I click on the text, it may disappear from the screen and after rotating, hiding the keyboard, I may eventually find it at a different location.  If I find it, I can then modify it, leave the text mode and see the result. Confused

This reminds me of the old text processors that were not WYSIWIG. I remember you had to write your text modifications and then click on "view" to check the result.

I hope this was clear enough. Maybe it is a bug of the system or a question of compatibility with my tablet. I had not experienced this kind of problems with the previous version. 

Edit: I have closed the app, opened again and tried with the minimum zoom. The text shifts a bit to one side, but I see it on the screen and I can modify it without much difficulties. If I zoom in, the text may disappear.

By the way I observe that the real size of the anotations depends on the layout. If I write a new text size 15 in portrait format, it will be bigger than the same text size 15 introduced in landscape format. If I want to edit the anotations, I observe that the size of these new anotations has been updated and that they are  now different.

This happened with the previous versions, but with some slight diffferences. The size of the anotations was not updated and you could end up with two texts size 15 that looked completely different. 

If I check the size of an old anotation (say size 15 created in portrait format) and I create a new anotation size 15 in portrait format, they will be the same size. However, if I am in landscape format and I do the same, I will still see that the old anotation is size 15, but the new anotation size 15 will look much smaller. Then, if I turn the tablet to portrait format, I will see that the anotation is now size 9.

If I want to be consistent and have the same text size, I have to create the new anotations in the same portrait format. Or else modify the size if I see that it is now reduced.

This is not a big issue, but to me the best would be that all anotations have the same size relative to the score, regardless of the fact that they were created in landscape or portrait format. 

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