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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
eichelbe - There is a bug if "Always Show the Title Bar" is enabled that causes the nudge window and edit bar to overlap the annotation when it's selected. A fix is in place for the next update, but you can turn off the option to always show the title bar if you need a workaround.

Javier MM - Are you seeing the text move that much while editing only when editing annotations that were created before the update? Or if you create a new text annotation, do you also see the text move like that? I'm definitely not seeing text jump like that on my device, so there must be a difference on your device that I'm not accounting for. It would be helpful if you can share a library backup file with me, or if that is not an option, long press your song on the library screen, tap Share->Export as .msf and send me the .msf. The .msf won't include your application settings, but I can at least try to edit your text annotations and see if I encounter the same behavior. If you are experiencing the text moving even with new annotations, then sharing the .msf isn't necessary as there is something else going on unrelated to existing annotations. 

As far as the size of the text not being consistent when you rotate into landscape, that is because the sizes are relative to the screen, not to the file itself. The reason I decided to handle this way, is for consistency between different files. Consider the following example if all sizes were relative to the raw PDF page sizes. If a pen size of 15 meant 15 pixels thick in the raw PDF page, if the page is scaled up by 300%, for example, that 15 pixels would be 45 pixels on the screen. If you then changed to a file that was only scaled up by 200%, that size 15 pen would appear to only be 30 pixels thick on the screen. I thought that this would be very confusing and unintuitive to users to have the same tool settings create annotations of different sizes depending on the dimensions of the file they are working with. So I decided that the right approach would be to ensure that, if the user has selected size 15, that I figure out what raw size is required in the PDF page to result in 15 pixels on the screen. So if the file is scaled up by 300%, I use a size 5 in terms of the raw PDF page, which then appears to be 15 pixels on the screen. If you rotate between portrait and landscape, you are changing the amount the page is scaled up to fit the screen, so the size will be saved as a different value in terms of the raw PDF page, but it should appear to be 15 pixels on the screen. This does mean that annotations created in different orientations with the same settings will appear to be different sizes though, when viewed side-by-side. I'm not sure what the best way to handle that is though, because I'm stuck with one of these problems either way. Either you have consistency within the same file regardless of scaling and orientation size, or you have consistency between files regardless of their size. You can't have both though. If users think it's better to have consistency between orientations even if the tool sizes appear completely different between files of different dimensions, then I can entertain switching the design around.

Annubisbarco - I have a fix in place that should help with that.

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