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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
I think if users can intuitively understand that their files may be zoomed in a different amount to fill the screen, so that if they use a size 5 pen, that may appear different depending on how much the file was scaled, then I'm fine with changing things over to work that way. I think Microsoft Word documents are not a good comparison/example though, because they are not based on images. The word processor formats the document and lays it out - there isn't technically a fixed size, other than the default page size used internally in the processor (but you can change page layouts and all the text will adjust, much like chord pro files in MobileSheetsPro). A better example is image editing software, as that is closer to what is happening in MobileSheetsPro when working with PDFs. Two images may be zoomed in different amounts, so the question is, what behavior is expected if you select a size 5 pen and start scribbling on both images? I think most people would understand that if one image is zoomed more than the other, that the pen will appear thicker on one versus the other, so as long as people get that while working with MobileSheetsPro, I'm fine having it work that way. The problem is that there isn't a visible indicator for how much a file has been zoomed in, so users can't easily view that and understand why the annotations on two files appear to be scaled different amounts.

Just so users are aware, if I make this change, the tool settings will work differently and any saved favorites will no longer appear the same anymore. If a user has a thickness set for a highlighter that seems to be the perfect amount for most of their files, if the files are different dimensions, the highlighter may be larger in one versus the other. This means that if files are used with very different sizes, the favorites wouldn't really be useful when going between those files, as the tool settings would have to be adjusted each time.


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