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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
(01-16-2021, 04:31 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: Javier MM - Are you seeing the text move that much while editing only when editing annotations that were created before the update? Or if you create a new text annotation, do you also see the text move like that? I'm definitely not seeing text jump like that on my device, so there must be a difference on your device that I'm not accounting for. It would be helpful if you can share a library backup file with me, or if that is not an option, long press your song on the library screen, tap Share->Export as .msf and send me the .msf. The .msf won't include your application settings, but I can at least try to edit your text annotations and see if I encounter the same behavior. If you are experiencing the text moving even with new annotations, then sharing the .msf isn't necessary as there is something else going on unrelated to existing annotations. 

As far as the size of the text not being consistent when you rotate into landscape...

Mike, I am seeing the same behavior with text moving regardless of the version I used to create the anotations. They move a lot or just some mm depending on the zoom I have when I edit. 

I can live with this. It is just that I have to remember not to use a zoom when I edit a text.

I have sent you a couple of scores with anotations. I am creating a library backup file that I may send you  with a wetransfer link if this helps.

Regarding the size, I am not sure of understanding everything. I think the way it is now is perfect.

When I write a new anotation I want it to be as big as the existing ones. To do so, I usually check the size in a mode (portrait) and make my anotations also in the same portrait mode. 

You can have some funny results if you check the size of an existing anotation in portrait (size 15) and then create a new one (size 15) in landscape mode. But this is not the usual workflow.

I agree with you it makes more sense to be consistent and increase the size of the image and the anotations together, as it is with this new version.

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