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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
If you go to the display options in the song overlay at the bottom left, and then Zoom/Pan Settings and disable high-quality zooming, then you can zoom in and out as much as you want it and you will not encounter the problems with the annotation sizes being inconsistent. The reason is that, if you disable high-quality zooming, the zooming is the same whether you are in the annotations mode or outside of it, so the tools will scale properly. The high-quality zoom re-renders the file at a different size (which causes the UI element containing the rendered image to be a larger size), and that new size is treated as the 100% zoom. While you pinch zoom and the page size is changing rapidly, it's always doing a "low-quality" zoom where it is just instructing the canvas (i.e. 2d rendering engine) to scale whatever it is rendering up or down as needed. When you release, it then requests a high-quality zoom of the page, which generates a new image that is put in place of the low-quality one shown on the screen. The low quality zoom is much faster than a high-quality zoom, as it's just an instruction to the 2d rendering engine versus having to call into the PDF libraries to generate a new image from the page with a different desired scaling. If you zoom in and out a lot and don't really need the high-quality zooming, I would suggest turning it off, as MobileSheets is designed in such a way that it expects users to zoom their files to a desired amount and then not change that zoom again (so that the song is ready for a live performance where you wouldn't want to be adjusting the zoom amount). 

I'm really not sure what the best answer is for handling this, because in solving one set of issues for some users, I'm creating a new set of issues for other users. For users that aren't zooming or rotating their devices in between annotation sessions, it's far worse to have the annotation tool sizes inconsistent with every file they annotate, as they won't know why their size 15 text annotation looks completely different from one file to the next.

I'll check out the issues with editing text while zoomed in - thanks.


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