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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
(01-19-2021, 12:39 AM)Harry777 Wrote: Another thing that's been driving me crazy...

Can you make it so that when "don't allow the pedal to go to the next piece" is set on, that the pedal can't go to the previous pieces either? Or make it a separate option?

So often I'll mash the pedal to get to the beginning and accidentally go to the previous piece ?


Hello, Harry,

I was actually the person that asked Mike to add the option of pedals not triggering going to the next song. At the time, I used pedal triggers ("mash down the pedal") to move multiple pages, including back to the beginning of the song.

I resisted using the "page links" for a long time.

But, I figured I would chime in that I started using them and I would never go back. They are much better than (work flawlessly, once you figure them out) than holding down the pedal to go back to the beginning of a song.

So, I just figure iI would suggest that maybe you play around with the page links option. (although your suggestion does make total sense too)).


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