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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
Help! Went through half of "new release" forum and didn't see this issue posted. Can't believe I may be the only one experiencing this but here goes:

The scaling on my (existing) annotations is completely off. They appear to be ok at the top but by the end of a 1-2 page txt file the are up to 2 inches off. It seems to be a vertical creep only but hard to tell. My options are to change the txt file scaling and hope things line up or move each annotation. Both options are unacceptable. And changing the txt file scaling may not even be an option if this is vertical creep only because then it will be off horizontally.

This may be a txt file problem only. The one pdf I looked at that had annotations looked ok.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Android 5.1.1

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RE: MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released - by T.B.Player - 01-20-2021, 10:42 PM

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