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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
Version 3.0.4 is a huge improvement overall.  Thank you!

...but I hope you won't mind a few more (hopefully minor!) requests: 

Can we have an option to make the floating selection toolbox movable, the way that the nudge tool is now?  I still find that most of the time I want to move an annotation, it ends up moving down -- and yes, I realize that the toolbar disappears while the nudge tool is being used, but as soon as the move is finished the toolbox reappears, making it difficult to judge whether the new position is correct.

Next, I can't find the comment where you talked about this, but I understand that the reason why changes to tool settings (stamp size, highlight colour, etc.) no longer apply to the currently selected annotation, but only to new ones, is that some people found it confusing when they weren't expecting existing annotations to change.   But is there any chance we could have an option to restore the previous behaviour, while leaving the new behaviour as the default for new users?  I ask because the old method was very helpful for changing stamp sizes in particular: With the new method, if a stamp isn't the right size, all I can do is delete it, guess at the correct size, and try again, repeating until the size is correct.  With the old method, I could adjust the stamp size and watch the stamp get bigger or smaller until it was correct.

Finally, I really wish there were a way to abandon all changes made during a given annotation session.  Sometimes I experiment with adding new annotations or modifying existing ones, but decide that I preferred the previous version.  I know it's possible to keep pressing undo, but it was much easier when there was a way to quit without saving.

Apart from this, the new version is perfect for the way I use it.  Thanks again!

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