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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
Yes, adding the option as you describe would be perfect.

I didn't realize that dragging the selection handles for a stamp was even an option, probably because most stamps are so small that it's impossible to see the individual handles even when zoomed in all the way.  But I'd prefer to set the size anyway, so that new stamps of the same type will be correctly sized to begin with.  This is where I digress into the problems I had with stamps in older versions of MobileSheets Pro, namely that the size of any given stamp changed when moving from one device to another (because the devices in question didn't all have the same screen resolution), and that some stamps were much, much larger than others (in particular, at the same size that worked perfectly for accidentals, the dynamic markings were enormously, unusably huge -- so I'd have to shrink them down, and then the next accidental would be too small to see).  In any case, I'd really prefer to find a size that works and just have it applied for all new stamps, rather than have to adjust every one.

Yes, long press on undo would be fine.

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