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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
In the old design, I had to create a clone of every song in the setlist, and clone all of the annotations, then while saving, I'd clear out all of the existing annotations, rebuild all of the annotations in the database, then replace all of the annotation lists in all of the original songs with the lists used in the editor. It's not that I can't support this with the new design, I just didn't want to go through the effort if there wasn't a convincing need for it.

You are correct - in addition to the original file being modified with snippets (which can't be canceled unless I made a copy of the file and replaced it as described previously), the auto-save feature wouldn't really work if I couldn't modify the database. One of the things that could happen in the old version is that users would lose changes they made either due to power running out, or the app being forcefully killed without saving, or anything along those lines. I wanted to prevent this loss of time and work if possible, so I added auto-saving.

If I get enough users requesting the ability to cancel, and there are good arguments for it, I can consider supporting a cancel option. I just think most of the time, it's not necessary, and having to explicitly click "save" is something I wanted to avoid. Now if users exit the annotation mode in any fashion (including just hitting the back button or a three finger tap), they don't have to worry about saving or canceling their changes - they are just saved automatically. 


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