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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
I can't support both ways of working though - if modifying the stamp tool size changes the one you just created, then there is no way to create a stamp, and then create another stamp with a different size, as changing the stamp tool size will change the size of the one you just created. It would basically require that every user place their stamps at the wrong size before modifying the tool to make it the right size, which seems backward. Whether I have a separate size popup to control this or you just used the stamp window size slider, the effect would be the same, because based on what you said, you want to be able to adjust the size for the stamp you just created, but also stamps placed after that. That's why I was suggesting a temporary popup to adjust the size after the stamp is created - you dial in the size and then you can continue with creating the next stamp, whose size you can adjust after it is created as well.

With the stamps dropdown, you get an active preview of the size which can help in determining if the stamp size will be approximately the right size. This isn't present on the floating stamp window, because I didn't want it blocking that much vertical space. Similarly, I didn't put the settings for the stamp tool in the floating stamp window, because it seemed like it would just take up too much space. Perhaps one thing I could do to improve this is make the preview area and the settings area at the bottom something you could expand/collapse if it's necessary to get access to those in the floating window.

I should add that with the new stamp implementation, due to the fact that it's now based on a font, and not just images, if you select a size for a stamp, all of the other stamps from that category should be sized in a similar fashion, as it's just adjusting the font size. If you are placing sharps, flats, etc, the size should be consistent and reliable for what you would want to use across the entire page. So it's more likely that once you find the right size for a stamp, the other stamps should be the correct size too.

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