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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
(01-23-2021, 05:45 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: Instead of removing the selection handles, I could just enforce a minimum size for the selection box around the annotation. This would ensure there is adequate spacing around the annotation to clearly see it and make it easier to drag the individual handles. The downside is that it might look a little strange to have a much larger box around the annotation than what is needed to enclose it. Alternatively, I could look into a different way of visualizing that part of an annotation can be resized. I'm not sure what that is that the moment, but I can try to think of other ways of indicating that a particular corner or edge can be dragged.

I tried to repeat the steps you described, but when I hit undo, it just removed the highlight and the stamp did not reappear. So something weird is definitely happening there. I'm not sure how to reproduce it at the moment, but I'll keep my eye out for it.


A minimum size for the selection box would work, but I think you're right that it would look strange.  It seems to me that stamps are a special case here, because it doesn't make sense to scale a stamp asymmetrically, very much unlike pretty much every other annotation type you support (my first instinct was that text is another exception, but even there it may make sense to stretch a text annotation in just one direction if the text has a drawn border around it).  Alternatively, instead of circles that intersect the bounding box, perhaps the handles could be outward pointing arrowheads on the outside of the box?  I haven't played with this much yet in 3.0, but in 2.x one thing that always confused me was that some handles increased the size of an annotation (typically a highlight, in my case), while others moved it, and I could never remember which was supposed to be which.

Silly question, but at first you had difficulty reproducing the issue with where the edit bar appeared, then you observed the issue on a different tablet.  Did you try the undo sequence on that tablet also?

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