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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
(01-29-2021, 05:15 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: One thing we can do to fix this for all your songs is to run a simple query against the database to set the annotation version back to 0 for any annotation that is missing data in the newer fields. 


Thank you for finding that!  I have "Expose Database File" checked, so I have direct access to the file, but I'm not sure how to manipulate it.  Is this something I can do myself?  If so, I'm happy to try it if you'll give me the instructions I'll need.

I can't think of anything special about my database other than that it's old -- originally created ca. September 2012, and brought forward through every software version you've released since then, giving plenty of time for potential surprises to accumulate.  Is there a non-destructive way to rebuild it from scratch?

Addendum:  The database issue you describe absolutely accounts for what I saw on my tablet, but then why does the same song look okay on my phone?  The database on the phone was created much more recently than the one on the tablet, and updated by synchronization rather than by reloading a backup from the tablet.  Would there be any point in uploading the database from each to device for you to compare?

It occurs to me that I'm probably not the only person in this particular situation.  It might be worthwhile to make the query you mention available to all users, perhaps as a new option in the Diagnostics section of the Other Settings screen.

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