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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v3.0.0 Released
smw - I'm not really sure why your phone was okay. Maybe after I study the code some more I'll be able to come up with a theory for what might have happened. I don't really want to open up the option for queries to be run on the database inside the app itself. That just seems like it could open a can of worms and potential vulnerabilities. I also don't really want to add a new option in the settings that I would have to get translated into all 14 or 15 languages, especially as it's not something that should have happened in the first place. Until I know more about what might have caused that with your library, I'm not going to move forward with changes of any kind. If you want to modify the database yourself, copy mobilesheets.db to your PC, install SQLiteStudio or another SQLite client (https://sqlitestudio.pl/features/), and then run this query on your database file:

UPDATE AnnotationsBase Set Version=0 WHERE SourcePageWidth = 0

I believe that should fix it. You can then copy mobilesheets.db back to your tablet and restart MobileSheetsPro.

palosanto - The resize handles for text annotations resizes the box itself (if you enable a border and turn off auto-sizing, you can resize the box to any size you want). If resizing the box also resized the text, that would make it impossible for users to adjust the size of the box without then having to revert the text size. I have mixed feelings on this one because I see can see both ways of resizing being useful. I could also implement different behavior depending on whether auto-size is enabled or not. If it's enabled, resizing would adjust the text size, because you don't have control over the textbox height anyways. If it is not enabled, then it adjusts the textbox bounds. That would make sense to me if everyone agrees on that change in behavior.

STEELBAS - Thanks for the suggestion. The other arrows indicate that there is a dropdown menu associated with the particular tool, so this is an indicator that you can tap twice to access settings. Due to the fact that this does not indicate that the user should long press the icon, I think this would cause confusion if the arrow meant something else for the undo icon.


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