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Surface Pro 7 issues
I bought a surface pro 7 a couple months ago mainly to use with MSP. Initially, it functioned perfectly. I use it in 2-page mode with single page turns. Usually, I can find a quarter rest somewhere on the second page to reach up and swipe to turn the page while performing. 

About six weeks ago it started not responding to swipes. If it doesn't respond to a swipe, it will usually turn the page after a second swipe, but I don't always have time in the music to deal with finding another page turn location. It is intermittent enough that I can't reliably reproduce the issue. It almost seems like the touch input sometimes goes to sleep and the first swipe wakes it up.

I've tried:
 - closing all other programs while performing
 - Long, short, slow, fast, firm, and soft swipes
 - touches on the right or left edge
 - looking through settings both MSP and Windows
 - plugged/unplugged
 - changed Windows performance mode
 - updating MSP

Nothing seems to affect it. I doubt that the issue is with MSP, (more likely Windows or user error). It's gotten to the point where I have resorted back to paper music for critical songs. 

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Where should I look to get back to the reliable response I had initially?

Surface Pro 7 with MSP
Hi samibe,
This won't actually solve your touch screen issue but I've very successfully been using a Strich Bluetooth Foot Pedal with MS-Pro for quite sometime now with great results.  It's very well priced and definitely worth a try!

Cheers . . . Martin
I've considered a bluetooth pedal. The main reason I don't use one is that I play organ and the organ I perform on doesn't have room for one.
Doh! . . . back to the drawing board!
Have you tried the touch function in other apps like pdf readers? Also I have seen reports where certain areas of the touch screen are broken on Surface. I have a friend that lost touch function on a 5cm strip on the right side in landscape mode.
Surface Pro 6, i7, Windows 10
Pageflip Firefly Pedal
I have tried other apps and checked that there aren't any dead spots on my screen. My screen appears to work fine most of the time. It's just after I haven't interacted with the screen for a bit that it doesn't detect a swipe. Today I had a page turn that took four swipes to get the page to turn.

I also suspected that my inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard might be the problem, so I removed the device. I thought it made a difference last night so I left it removed for today but got the same behavior today.
After doing some more searching online, I found that most people blame the screen protector for poor touch sensitivity on the surface pros. 

I had a screen protector installed mainly because it took almost a month to get a case for the device and I didn't want the screen getting scratched in my bag. I don't remember when I put the screen protector on exactly and I didn't notice a significant change in touch behavior after the protector was installed. I'm relatively certain that the first couple of performances I did while trying out the new surface were without a screen protector (though I'm not certain of that). 

I removed the screen protector for my practice session yesterday and the surface seemed to respond better to swipes. Two things that are definitely better without a screen protector: closing apps (clicking upper right corner) and getting the taskbar to appear (swiping up from the bottom edge). Each of those tasks would take several pokes/swipes. Now it only takes one poke/swipe. My practice session went well. I only had two page turns that didn't happen with the first swipe (and they were probably because I did sloppy swipes). So, at this point I'm leaving the screen protector off and hoping that is the end of my touch screen troubles. I'll report back if I still have touch screen issues going forward.

Thanks everyone for your responses and ideas.
Screen protector made a huge difference on my Boox Max 3 too. I thought it just took a slightly longer press than other tablets but once I took the screen protector off the responsiveness was so much better

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