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Layer and snippets issues
1. That is only true if you are using the pen tool, because all screen refreshing is disabled if you use the pen tool with stylus enabled (that's how Onyx handles the "fast" drawing with the stylus). If I turn off that mode and turn it back on after every annotation (so that elements like the layers window will show updates), it's going to cause the screen to potentially flash as it's redrawing each, which I don't think people would like (and it could interfere with writing if the user is quick). I'm not sure I have a good answer for that on the e-ink devices. In the past, I tried to refresh just a particular portion of the screen using Onyx's library (so I could show these kinds of updates as annotations are created), and it caused user's devices to lock up. So I'm not sure if I want to go down that path again if it could potentially cause that kind of instability.

If you are saying you experience issues with the layers window not updating on your Samsung Note Pro 12.2, that would definitely be a problem, but I'm not seeing that kind of issue on any of my tablets. Snippets won't show up in the layers window unless you enable editing of embedded annotations.

2. Snippets are pasted into the PDF page itself. Annotations created in MobileSheets draw on top of the page. There is no way to have content from the PDF page appear on top of the MobileSheets annotations unless you save the MobileSheets annotations to the PDF itself first, and then paste the snippet, which will then be on top of the other annotations (but you'll lose the ability to edit those annotations quickly in MobileSheets). I have no desire to save snippets in the database - it would require saving massive blobs of data, could negatively impact performance, and would make the database grow in size enormously. This was the best solution I could come up with that wouldn't have huge negative consequences. 

3. You'll have to save everything to the PDF and enable editing of embedded annotations in that case. 

4. You are experiencing this on both tablets? What steps are necessary to reproduce that issue? I'm not seeing issues on my Samsung Tab S4 with the previous layer staying green if I select a new active layer.

5. I can look into making that change for the e-ink version.

6. Can you please provide a scenario where you need to reorder layers? A tree control is not really designed well for reordering. If this is essential and will be used often, I can support an option to long press a layer, and select move up/move down from a context menu. I also don't have any code in place to update the database to reorder layers, so I would need to add that as well if this is important.

7. Correct, to move elements between layers, you would have to cut/paste them. I have considered providing either a context option to "Move to another layer" or an icon, but I would have to disable the icon or provide an error message if the user selects annotations from different pages and/or songs, as I would only support moving annotations between layers within the same page.

8. I'm not against supporting named annotations, but it would require a new field in the database, and UI options for renaming. I'll have to figure out when to fit this in an update.


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