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disk useage
win 10
ram 16gb
drive 'D' 1.8tb

why is 'mobilesheets' writing to this drive non stop at between 91-92%. what's it doing?

Disk 1 (DSmile

HGST HDS724020ALE640

Capacity: 1.8 TB
Formatted: 1.8 TB
System disk: No
Page file: Yes

Read speed 0 KB/s
Write speed 718 KB/s
Active time 91%
Average response time 14.4 ms
When and where are you seeing that? What are you doing in the app while that is occurring? MobileSheets uses a SQLite database for storing all of the data in the library, so anytime data is pushed into the database, it's going to perform some disk I/O. If you were monitoring that while restoring a library backup, switching between songs in a setlist quickly (which does write some data to the database), or performing any other editing action, you could see disk I/O occurring regularly. If you are sitting there doing nothing, then I wouldn't think there would be any disk I/O. I have the app up right now and I'm seeing 0% disk usage in task manager, which is what I would expect.


could it have something to do with the pagefile on the drive?

Using Samsung Note Pro (SM-P900) with Android 5.0.2
i can open and play and it links in registrations ok. however if i open a song to annotate, it puts the annotation in and saves it ok but im not sure how but sometimes, not always, it triggers the drive to write continually, (as if its locked in a loop) and the only way to stop it is to turn msp off and this stops the drive running immediately.

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