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Re-categorising files - How?
Is there a simple way to move a classification heading covering a number of files from one categorisation tab to another? 

Example 1: Under 'Collections' I have listed several classes of file and I now want to refine my categorisation.  One of these is the type of tune (polka, jig, reel, etc).  I want to take these descriptors out of 'Collections' and put them in 'Genre'.  Can I identify and re-classify all files which use a given descriptor 'en masse' (say, all 'reels') or do I have to go through the library and re-classify each applicable file? 

Example 2: I have used the 'Artist' tab to refer both to players from whom I have derived the tune, and to composers - where known.  Can I identify collectively all files attributed to a named composer (say, 'Jane Doe'), remove them from 'Artist' and re-classify them under the 'Composer' tab?

I've not found a method for doing this in the online manual but, if it is already there, I'd be grateful for the page reference and I'll look it up.
You could. I would do this with filters to select and identify your files. In the filters search for compser or genre in the corresponding fields you used, or click on the down arrow and Search there by the fild you want to edit.  For the polkas for instance. If there are more then one entrys i would put all the filtered songs into a temporary Setlist. Now select all songs in the new created Setlist and click Batch Edit. Then you could batch Edit all the entrys you want. After that you could delete the Setlist...

The same you could do direct in MSP
Samsung Note Pro 12.2 LineageOS 14.1
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As McAroni suggested, the simplest approach is to go to the Collections tab, tap the collection containing the songs you want to move, long press to start selection, tap the select all icon at the bottom right, then tap "Edit Songs" to perform a batch edit. On the batch edit screen, remove the collection and then add a Genre with the same name. Tap OK to save the change. You can then delete the collection if you no longer want it. You can use this same approach with Artist and Composer. Note that you can delete an entry in the batch edit screen by long pressing on the entry and selecting "Delete". So this may save you time if you want to first delete the existing collection or artist, then enter the genre or composer and save.

All good! Thanks, chaps.

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