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After using stylus losing Zoom( after latest update
Zoomed in, using stylus to write. After timeout PDF goes back to full screen.

Is there a setting that I am missing?

Second issue that I have is the pen opacity does not safe. Always resets  to 44.

Am I missing something here as well?
If MobileSheets exits the annotation mode, it goes back to the zoom that was in place before annotating started. It is set up this way so that zooming while annotating doesn't impact the amount the page is zoomed during normal viewing, as some users may have set a specific amount they want the page zoomed while viewing the song normally, but they don't want to lose this setting just because they zoomed in to annotate. 

As far as the second issue, can you confirm you are running version 3.0.8 of MobileSheets for Windows 10? I am not seeing any issues at the moment with the opacity setting for the pen tool. When are you seeing it reset to 44? 

Yes on 3.0.8

The Zoom started working normal again after a reboot.

It resets immediately to 44 most times after it minimizes. It only happens when I have favorites up. Hopefully that helps.
Do you have a pen favorite set that changes the opacity back to 44?
]Not sure where to look for pen favorite, this is not that big of an issue for me.

My zoomed in problem returned though, same behavior as before.

I am on a piece zoomed in, bring up pen. Making changes or not does not make a difference. After the time out the piece goes back to full screen.

To complicate matter not every file does this. I did notice that certain files after the timeout will show full screen but much smaller before the picture goes back to the zoom value I was on before.

Sorry Mike to have so little for you to work with. If I am the only with this just ignore and it probably fix it self down the line.

Thanks for your great program and attention to your customers.
Zoom issue, still there. Am I the only one with this problem?
I have the issue, too, don't forget to check other threads to see what people have to say
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I am implementing a fix for this with the next update. In the meantime, if you need an immediate workaround, you can enable High-Quality Zooming in the Zoom/Pan Settings dialog (accessible through the icon at the bottom left of the song overlay that looks like a gallery icon). Just be aware that creating annotations at different zoom levels will result in the annotations not being the same size even though the tool settings are the same (i.e. if you zoom in to 125% and create an annotation with the pen tool at size 10, then leave the annotations mode, zoom in to 150% and create another annotation with the pen tool at size 10, those two annotations will now appear to be different sizes). I'm also working on implementing some changes to address that issue with high-quality zooming.

Thanks for the update

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