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New Installation - Performance issue & Song List 'Sort' issue
I recently purchased and downloaded MobileSheets V3.0.2 onto a dedicated Windows 10 Pro PC (x64, fully MS updated) and I have successfully imported 270 songs.
I really like the presentation, the annotation and especially the MIDI integration with my GENOS. Just what I need.
Unfortunately, I have two issues:

1.    Performance
  • The application keeps slowing down with wait periods of up to 60 seconds. 

  • If I close and re-start the application, performance reverts back to normal, then quickly decreases again.

  • This is particularly noticeable when editing multiple files.  (I have been deleting duplicates and adding MIDI links to the imported songs)

  • There are times when ‘right click’ to select a song for editing, just does not work – no matter how long I wait.

  • Changing the ‘Render Preference’ to ‘Speed’  – has no effect

  • Noticed on the Forum that this issue occurred last year, but could not see a solution.
2.    Song Sort A to Z
  • Having imported all the songs they display in A to Z sorted format, but songs starting with ‘A (space)’  or 'The (space)' do not display correctly. 
  • Retyping the title, Use Formatted Titles on/off and Language Sorting Rules on/off  – has no effect
  • See attached PDF for examples

Re both issues - I tried the application on another Windows PC – identical results.

Any help would be appreciated.

Attached Files
.pdf   examples.pdf (Size: 114.21 KB / Downloads: 3)
The slowdown issue has been reported by a number of users, and does seem to be related to editing multiple songs in succession. I am still trying to look for answers as for why that is happening for some users. I can't find any kind of memory leaks or other issues that would explain the slowdown, and it's difficult for me to reproduce the issue on my Surface Pro 4 (and I never see it on my PC). This means I can't easily experiment with removing functionality until I can find the culprit. I would recommend updating to version 3.0.8 to see if that has any impact, as I'm continually making changes to try and improve issues like this one.

As far as the right-click not working sometimes, I've definitely never seen that before. Is that tied in with the performance issues? If you just load the application up and right-click, does it sometimes not work, or does it always work?

As far as the sorting, if you go to Settings->Library Settings->Ignore Articles While Sorting, you can see that "A", "The" and "An" are ignored while sorting. Uncheck that option if you don't like that behavior.

Hi Mike,  Thank you for the quick response.

I have updated to 3.0.8 and the performance issues are the same.

The right-click issue remains. However, if I just load the application  and right-click, it always works. Then 3-4 edits later and everything slows down. I was doing a lot of edits (c. 270) as I loaded my initial library, so the issue was a real bind, but under normal use I expect it to be quite workable. 

The Song Sort was instantly cured with the settings you recommended. My apologies for not spotting the options, I am still getting used to the system.

The good news is that when using the app for performing, it works well.

It's a good format / presentation and the link to my Genos is brilliant.

Thanks again.


If you would like to help me test some builds to try and identify the root cause of the problem, let me know. This will not impact your current installation. We will basically just run through several builds where I disable certain functionality in the song editor until we can find the culprit. I've also made a number of changes already for the next update, so we can determine if any of those already helps with the issue.


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